Introduction, Modern & Future Labor Market

Introduction of C&C, presentation on the new American labor market. This is an informative presentation for educators and employers but can also be adapted for students regarding necessary labor market research.

90 Minute Presentation

Job Application Essential Perspective/Job Searching

A new, modern perspective regarding the importance of job applications. Many, if not most, applicants miss crucial details and subtle methods that can ensure their application rises to the top. We also work with employers to help them redesign applications that are easier yet far more effective in finding the ideal candidate.

120 Minute Presentation

+ follow-up curriculum available for students

Skills Analysis, Cover Letters & Resumes

30 minute cover letter discussion following by 1 hour discussion on modern student resumes. Integral part of presentation is skills identification.

We also work with employers to provide new methods and perspectives on how to review resumes more efficiently and with an increase in success.

90 Minute Presentation

+ follow-up lab, curriculum & ongoing assistance provided for students

Mastering the Modern Job Interview

A total reset on how we instruct and prepare anybody, including students, for a job interview in the current labor market. Heavy focus on circumventing anxiety via proper preparation.

75 Minute Presentation

+ mock interview and assessments for students

Job Retention: The Easy Way to Get Ahead

A discussion about the new challenges employers are facing regarding retaining good employees and why it’s never been easier to be a superstar at work

45 Minute Presentation

Culture, Communication & Perspective In the Workplace

More than ever before, employers are asking questions on applications and in interviews regarding culture in the workplace. This is often a challenge for job applicants, especially younger job seekers, who aren’t aware of what these questions relate to. This module educates job seekers on what it is, why it’s important and provides an opportunity for applicants to stand out.

For employers: the ideal presentation designed to substantially increase workplace morale, communication and overall team effectiveness.

60 Minute Presentation

+ follow-up curriculum available