Preparing today’s Job Seekers For
Labor Market.

Partnering with employers to transform the workplace

“To help educate, consult, and partner with parents, schools, youth, employers, youth programs, and educators to transform how we prepare the next generation to inherit the modern and future labor market.”

“To provide unparalleled support for employers who are looking to substantially improve their workplace culture, communication and effectiveness”

Compton & Compton analysts have over 20 years combined of successful experience and powerful results.

For students:

Plan, Prepare, Go!

While our educational system has, in recent years, finally realized the need to change from “college ready” to “career ready” due to the severe issues we are currently facing (college graduate underemployment and a massive trades shortage), actual change in curriculum and focus in most schools is still a monumental challenge. This is understandable since the focus has been primarily about college ready since the 1950s!

We introduce our students to the labor market where they need it most; prior to graduation! With a radical new approach to post-graduation planning that focuses on combining accurate labor market research for college preparation, a new and long overdue perspective about careers in trades, and curriculum centered on labor market research we have proven success in improving student attitude and confidence as they approach graduation.

For employers and students:


Increased Career Demands

Our modern American labor market has rapidly and drastically changed in recent years and will continue to do so in the foreseeable future. While a changing labor market is certainly nothing new, the current degree and speed of career-demand evolution is something this country has never seen before, not even during the Industrial Revolution. Compton & Compton Labor Market Transition Specialists are a dedicated, experienced team of successful labor market analysts who decided to be proactive and take their knowledge where it matters the most: to the next generation who will inherit this new career landscape and to the employers seeking to engage them.


Receive Relevant Information

Preparing YOU to be successful, stable, and satisfied as you make the transition from an education environment, long term unemployment, or just seeking something new, into the labor market.

  • Using quantifiable data
  • Employer interviews and research
  • Identify transferable skills
  • Partnering with schools, youth programs, labor market partners, employers, and parents

“Thank you so much for talking to my class. I enjoyed hearing about my post-high school options. I really didn’t know much about plumbers and mechanics before you spoke about them…now I think I will look into them. Again, thank you very much I really appreciate it.”
– A South Kitsap HS Student

Compton & Compton analysts have over 20 years combined of successful experience and powerful results.

We offer First Aid, CPR and Basic Life Support certification classes.

Our very own Glenny Compton CMA (AAMA) PBT (ASCP) can help you and/or your staff earn these certifications.

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